Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This post is a month late.

Last month, I celebrated my birthday. Although I kept silent when it came, it's the most significant of all my birthdays. My brother sent me a text message on my birthday. He wrote: "May this day remind you how much God loves you for allowing you to celebrate another birthday"... Indeed. I've never been this grateful. When I met an accident, I was given a second lease on life. And celebrating another birthday, I consider a milestone.

I re-read the post that I wrote for my b-day last year. Nothing much has changed since then. Still struggling with vanity. Still keeping a tight grip of the remaining youth that is left of me. But there's one noteworthy thing that has happened. I now welcome the gift of old age. When the signs of aging start to manifest in me physically, I wouldn't mind anymore. Because then, that means I'm still alive. Having faced before death has made me value the winter of time.

So, wrinkles and gray hair, bring them on! But still, I hope, not too soon (grin!). But when they come a little sooner, again I say, I really don't mind anymore. Because by then I'll make sure I have the inside beauty flourished over time. And that's what only matters.



Happy happy birthday amiga. I hope you can now write, type, cook, bathe, massage, and comb your hair with two hands. ano, ka na? goodluck and as always, may this be a better year than ever for you and your family:)

LOREN said...

Thank you, thank you! My left arm is a lot better now, but still undergoing therapy. Yes, I can now type, bathe with my two hands!

Anonymous said...

Never too late to wish you a happy birthday. :) May all your birthday wishes come true.
That's a sweet birthday message from your sib.

LOREN said...

Hi! Thanks Tani!