Friday, February 11, 2011


I used to think that coffee is a beverage just for old people. And what I meant with old was.. well, people about my age now (ouch!). I always see my mom drinking her coffee but forbade us to have one because, according to her, it's not good for the kids.  She cannot give me a legit reason except  for  the half-truth that coffee would turn me into a nervous wreck. And I grew up thinking that coffee is bad, categorizing it to things  like cigarette or liquor. I even actually thought that coffee was the most boring (!!) drink ever.

Hubby and I wasn't born coffee lovers. The only time we have coffee in the house was when my mother-in-law or my mom would come for a visit. But my hubby and I? We'd prefer soda.  So, I don't exactly remember how we started drinking coffee, and in fact, loving it. Whenever or however it happened that it became part of our morning rituals, I really forgot. All I remember now are the nights hubby and I spend chatting with a cup/mug of coffee clasped in our hands. Somehow, coffee makes a conversation light and free-flowing. With coffee in our throats, we don't end up arguing! (grin!!). Moments like this  is worth remembering for our retirement days!  We'd both savor these memories while sipping a hot, rich cappuccino ... A love story and a cup of coffee.

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