Friday, December 19, 2008


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Christmas is the time when my present intertwines with my past. In this time, I get visited by the memories of my christmas from yesteryears. Everything around. The lights, the ornaments, the carols. And yes, the cold breeze. Each of them have stories to tell about my christmases gone by.

I was with my barkada looking up for some christmas CDs. I was talking giddily with the usual exclamation points in it. And I thought she was sharing my excitement. Then I asked her, aren't you buying one of those? No, she replied. But WHY??. "I don't like christmas. It makes me sad". I gave her a frown and rolled my eyes in disbelief! (Grinch, is that you?).

I know what she meant. There's a certain sadness about christmas... I guess it's the remembering that is sad.

But I love remembering my christmas past. When life was pure and happiness was always at hand, and when christmas seemed more christmasy. Then I remember the people. Some of them have left.. or just gone for some reasons not told. I smile. Most of them I already miss. Where could they be now? Will I ever see them again? And if I can jump right off my christmas past to experience them once more, then I will. But I can't. Then I can feel a sharp pain. A little pinch piercing through..

It's the remembering that is sad. But I don't mind if this is the only way that I can revisit these memories. I don't mind at all. And I guess it's the fragments from my christmas past that makes my present christmas more meaningful and ever so lovely and (bitter) sweet.


ipv6 said...

christmas memory lane?

LOREN said...

Oh, christmas doesn't fail to make me feel nostalgic. So, yes, it's walking down memory lane again!

sheng said...

Mine too, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. Happy Holidays!

Lady Prism said...

You know....yes, it's true...there is a certain sadness to Christmas. know exactly what you mean. It;s a deeply poignant occasion that affects our psyche. What makes me sad about it is when I recall with regret the nice things I could have done for others the past year and yet, have failed to do. Sigh.

Anyway, it is also the most beautiful time of the year for me to just be grateful for everything have. And today, that everything consists of having added you to my roll of bloggy friends

Merry Christmas, Loren!

Hugs and mwah!

LOREN said...


and Happy New Year Sheng!

Prism ---
Oh surely it's true. Having to meet wonderful bloggy friends like you is something to be grateful for. Your blog is one of those that inspire me to keep writing. Thanks! Merry Christmas again!