Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's a gloomy (late) afternoon. A gloomy weather indeed, but not for me. It cools me down but never brings me down!.. I can see calm rain shower from my glass window. So calm, I can hardly hear the pitter-patter on the roof top..Crisp breeze is flowing in. I sip my cup of coffee to keep me warm from the cold. Oh, how can it feel so lovely?..

Pasko na naman...I can smell it everywhere.. Christmas song is playing. The flickering lights on the christmas tree brighten up the dimming room. Blue, red, yellow, green all dancing by turns. Outshining one another. What could be nicer than this? This "happy gloom". The christmas songs. Flickering lights. They set my mood to plunge into my own pool of christmas thoughts. Oh yes. I'm oh-so sentimental about this season. That's what I am. Well, no one's complaining about it from my family members. Not just yet, maybe (Grin!). I guess when I'm gone, christmas time would keep reminding them about me (Oh that christmas fool!).

Alone with this beauty, it kept me thinking. And thinking.. What is christmas for me? Strange for a self-proclaimed christmas lover to not being able to give out an answer that is completely hers. I guess there's no description that encompasses the bliss of this season. It's ineffable. Maybe, great emotions really are beyond the bounds of words. They only stay in the heart.There's one answer, though, that can come close to what christmas really is for me...


(to be continued...)


sheng said...

hi, bloghopping here again...

LOREN said...

Oh, it's my pleasure having your here in my site, Sheng!

tanivillamora said...

I love this season too. I love Starbucks during this time of the year because of their peppermint coffee. It's my excuse to splurge on coffee.

Blue Rose said...

oh! i also love christmas. it's the happiest time of the year.

merry christmas to you!

LOREN said...

Oh, what could be more comforting but to have a cup of coffee in hand in this very cool weather!

Blue Rose---
Merry Christmas to you, too!

gracious said...

Hi Loren,

Bloghopping here. :)
I luv Christmas too. It's my favorite time of the year :)

Mayet said...

hi! another Christmas away from Pinas, but this time though away from the rest of my family- I have got my own "tribe".
Thanks for your comment, by the way, I have a baby girl ;) and that picture was taken when she was less than 6 months( I think),her grandfather looked better at that time. I actually took a picture when he was cutting her hair but he was so sick and it would be unrespectful of me to post it.thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas!!!!