Monday, January 19, 2009


Last year, I had this great longing to visit home. Maybe because life was a little rude then, and I wanted to run to the place of my comfort and where, subconsciusly, makes me feel shielded... and HOME.

And finally, I had my homecoming during the holiday. Initially, it was a real home sweet home for me. Until the weather had to screw it up!! Yeah, it was cold and cozy, but it rained all the time and I had to put off some plans, like, take some photos of our city in different "angles", visit my alma mater in college (Ateneo de Naga) because I treasure a lot of wonderful memories there, visit my dad's graveyard, etc..

So, here goes some pics to help me make my story-telling a lot easier.

Photos taken at Avenue Square while sharing some coffee time with friends
Dined out and had some coffee time late in the evening with my two girl friends, Gay and Tess. We dined at the Red Platter along Magsaysay Avenue. I took photos of their yummy foods but I want you to see few ineteresting details of their interior designs, instead..

The place is very cozy. Looks like a country home ( I wish to achieve this kind of interior design in my own house). It's used to be a house, now turned into a resto. And the food was superb, let me not forget to say that!

Night life is great in Naga City! We stayed out till 1 am.

I miss the rest of our barkada. Wish we can all go home together and have a grand vacation.

Lunch out at Chef Doy's with Cecile few days after. Cecile and I were batch mates in highschool but never had the chance to mingle with one another. We again went to the same school in college, and there we became friends.

The foods at Chef Doy's was a so so. But maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. A second try, maybe.

But these pastries at Kopiroti are incredibly luscious which Cecile gave me as a treat after our lunch date! Thanks Cecile!


my highschool alma mater
I had the chance to shoot the facade of my alma mater (from elem. to highschool), Universidad de Sta. Isabel ( Trivia: it's the first normal school for women in the Philippines and in Asia. Hence, the oldest school for girls in the country). In this school, I was taught how to behave like a lady. Taught about ethics and social graces. And yes, here, it was a survival of the fittest. Daming maldita! hahah. So you learn how to fight back. Well, that's something quite common with all girls . Oops, no offense. I love my school because here, I met my best friends for life!!

The white specks on the photo aren't snow flakes! They're just some tiny droplets from the drizzle.

Nick with lowa ( mother) in Naga

Nick and her ate, Denise

And finally, back in the arms of my babes (hubby) after the vacation.


Sheila said...

Hi. Thanks for stumbling upon my blog. You look familiar. Anyway, you can also visit my other sites, and



LOREN said...

Hi Shiela! I get really excited when I accidentally discover bicolano bloggers.

If I look familiar then we might belong to the same generation and might have been stumblng on each other in Naga, heheh. It's a small city anyway.. I'll visit your other blogs, promise.

sheng said...

Hi Loren, awww, nice lights in the pics, I had a couple of pics like that too, but i haven't had a chance to post them, very busy. Bloghopping here, take care!

LOREN said...

Howdy! You post them, Sheng. I love colors if you notice.

Blue Rose said...

hi loren. glad to know you better here. and hey, kababayan pala kita. i'm also a bikolana but i'm from sorsogon. cheers to you my fellow oragon blogger. hehehe.

manay, salamatonon tabi sa pagdalaw mo sa sakuyang blog. Diyos mabalos.

LOREN said...

Blue Rose---
Hello!! There's another one from Sorsogon who found her way here. I guess she's Gracious. Baka magkabisto kamo. And, salamat man na maray sa pag bisita mo sako igdi. I'll bookmark ur site. Good day!