Thursday, January 22, 2009


There are foods that I keep coming back for. Foods that I associate with my childhood. And I see to it that everytime I visit home, I get to taste each one of them. Every munch, I savor memories!.. hmmm, heaven...


It's hubby's favorite as well. I'm not sure if this recipe has originated in Naga, but I don't know of any place that sells toasted siopao. Well, good news for toasted siopao lovers in Manila , I heard that Naga Garden Resto has a branch in Market! Market!. They made toasted siopao within our reach now.


Gabi leaves stuffed with dinikdik na hipon, young coconut, ground pork and cooked in coconut milk. Yummy!

GINATAANG LAMBO (Labong) with clams (shelled)

Siblings favorite! My sisters and brother.. we all crave for this!


(looks like mami but the distinction is in the sauce)
Who doesn't love loglog?!! Eaten with maruya and softdrinks? Ah, perfect!


Malagkit na rice with coconut milk

Some prefer it as is. I prefer it with sugar. Coffee or hot chocolate goes perfectly with it!


I used to love their cheeseburgers with the cheese stuffed inside the patties, and you can feel the cheese melting in your mouth. Heaven! That's how they used to do it. And the memories that goes with eating them are priceless. Biggs was our barkada's favorite tambayan and we don't fail to order their cheeseburgers. During my college days, sometimes I go to Biggs before school. Munching cheeseburger while studying. My alone time. It was a very relaxing thing for me.

'Til another food trip at home!


bonks alano said...

loglog saka kinalas. yan, okay yan.
si semipogi, i mean si rudy alano.
kung kabatch mo si noel v. ay, daing suba, ahead kang maray sako, hehe. pero biristo ko man yan mga faculty na yan, siemps.

K-Kix said...

The pictures made my mouth water!!!
I want to go on a food trip with you;)

Happy New year, Loren!

LOREN said...


ang ka-contemporary mo yata sa ateneo si bunso ming tugang.

oh yes, I remember sir alano. he's never my teacher but I only heard good things about him. matibay,maboot, ma-sense of humor (is it like father like son in your case?). I look at the ateneo professors with very high regard!

LOREN said...

Hi there Karen! You can get to eat them only in Naga. And if there's any food that tastes quite similar, nothing can really come close, because they are actually sprinkled with memories, heheh.. Hope you can visit our place.

Mayet said...

goodness! I am hungry- we also have luglog in Cavite, but I have never eaten toasted siopao.

piebuko said...

gosh! I didn't know bicolana ka plan! I wonder why I missed that. Great shots!
and you actually went home?
You were here! :)

LOREN said...

Tere (Piebuko)---
Hello. I thought you knew when you greeted me a happy fiesta in my post about penafrancia. Yeah I was there, and Naga will always be home.

Hope I can taste the Cavite version of luglog!

Tani said...

Wow! Looks delicious. Makapunta nga Market! Market! :)

piebuko said...

Loren, I really didn't know! Weird! Well, I guess I've always been reading about your life there. I have not bothered to think where you came from here!
I'm glad though you had a great xmas
and hey! Wasn't it fun to have your pix taken in front of the AVenue Square??? :)

LOREN said...

Try it Tani!

LOREN said...

Tere (piebuko)--
heheh. Hope we bump into each other sa centro in my next visit..
Yes. Avenue Square has the grandest and most colorful xmas decors!

Jeanny said...

Yum. The photos made me hungry. Yummy.

LOREN said...

Thank you! And thanks for dropping by.

Blue Rose said...

aww! gusto ko tuloy kumain ng pinangat at binu-tung. favorite ko yan manay. siguradong hahanapon ko iyan pag-uli ko sa probinsya.

gracious said...

I'm from Bicol too :) And I luv and missing pinangat and binutong. One time, on our way to Manila from Sorsogon, sa Biggs kami nag breakfast :) They have pinangat, right?
I'll link you up, ha? :)

LOREN said...

Blue Rose---
The best ang binu-tong! Lalo na pag nagmamantika ang pagka gata. yummy!

Gracious ---
Hi Gracious! I'm not sure if they have pinangat at Biggs, but I believe so.

Garando said...

Hi Loren! Are these all Naga delicacies? They look really unique and delicious! Is there any chance I can find these in Manila kaya?

LOREN said...

Hi! None that I know of. Except with toasted siopao that I heard is being sold in Market!Market!. Not sure of that, though. That's why every time I go home, I make sure I get to eat those foods.

Heart of Rachel said...

Yummy looking food choices. I haven't tried toasted siopao yet but it's interesting.