Monday, June 8, 2009


A was riding a jeepney one fateful day.

The driver readied to go as the red light turned to green. As we were about to cross the highway, a ten-wheeler truck from the other side of the road was accelerating and really fast, bumped and dragged us for I don't know how long. Everything went so fast, but the anticipation of where and how we would smash was a long wait. My mind was running just as fast. Thinking for survival .. for life, death, and my family. But first thing I did was to save my soul. I asked God to forgive all my sins and asked to take me with Him if I have to die that very moment.

It seemed silent. No one screaming. Just groaning and moaning from the hurting passengers. And from my voice saying "Jesus save us" over and over again.


sorry, can't continue now. can't bear the bad memories.. the fears and pain (or is it sadness?) that i was not even aware it's there, still... until i wrote it.



hi lorena,

so sorry that this happened to you but at the same time, i'm happy that you made it through. a similar incident happened to me in iloilo last year. kaya mo yan and don't be afraid to acknowledge whatever emotion you have. makakatabang yan sa saimung processing. God Bless pirmi.

Blue Rose said...

aww! sad to hear this. hope you feel better soon. God bless!

LOREN said...

i guess so too. acknowledging starts the healing. thanks.

blue rose---
yes, i'm recuperating. will be starting a therapy

Iskabitchy said...

I can only imagine the horror of what you went through. I am so sorry it happened to you. I am glad though that you survived it. Here's to many more years of good times and bad.
My prayers will always be with you.

LOREN said...

Prayers. That's what I've been soliciting from my friends because that's the ultimate thing that keeps me going right now. So, thanks a lot mare.