Tuesday, June 16, 2009


How can you figure out a genuine relationship? One way of knowing is through trying times.

I have been through crossroads the latter part of last year (and how scary can it get). Recently, I had an accident that made me hit pit bottom. And during these trying times in my life, somehow some of my relationships have been tried and tested too.

When I cried SOS, who came running for rescue? Or even when I was silent, who came anyway and despite the distance or busy schedules (because genuine relationships know when you need someone and they would readily extend themselves to be that someone for you)?

One thing I learned about tragedy. It looms clearly to you which of your relationships are unfeigned and which are little less so. Yes, few of them might have disappointed me, but I try not to take it against them because sometime in my life I have disappointed people too... Only this time, I learned to really EXPECT LESS.


with mommy ---
Moms will be moms no matter what. The most reliable of all. She will come for me, invited or not. Others may desert me, but she will stick it out with me.

with hubby ---
A person who is not my blood but has loved me with all his heart. True to his vow, he's there for me for better or worse. In twelve years of marriage, he did not give me reason to doubt his love. But this is the time that he manifested it so utterly. He sacrificed for me and stood by me. He makes me feel so blessed. I love him so so much and even more.

with God ---
Many times I don't understand His ways that I even sent Him "hate letters" a couple of times before. Maybe He will not stop instilling great lessons (and sometimes the hard way) into my stubborn mind. Maybe because He simply loves me. Or I don't know. Basta, I'll just continue on with my pilgrimage. And when in doubt, let me just remember that God's foolishness is much greater than man's wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Accident? Aww, Loren... I hope everything's well now.

Sometimes people close to me have failed to meet my expectations during trying times. I'm hurt and angry at the same time when that happens. Konti na nga lang sila inaasahan ko, ganun pa. It's really very hard to try to expect less and to accept that those people, even if they should know better, do not think the way I do.

LOREN said...

na-teary eyed naman ako because that's exactly how i feel. pero i choose to feel otherwise. lugi ako if i allow myself to get so affected e.. i've started my therapy now Tani. other than that i can only wait. for my arm to be sturdy, for my bone to heal. like everything in life, it takes time to heal.