Friday, August 29, 2008


Credit Image: bluedrakon

When the outside has been giving you more than you can take. When you're pushed and pulled in all directions. When scenes are moving too hastily. And when everything else seems to fail... You always have yourself to go back to. Shut out everything and cocooned in your own protection. For while the outside of you sometimes is not in your full grasp, only in the inside can you be in control.. Until you are ready to face the world again. But until then, you stay in the comfort of your own cocoon. It can be surprisingly too comforting that you wish to stay there for a much longer time... And who knows 'til when..


Jayme said...

Hi Loren! Thanks for leaving a comment in my journal. I see you've got a new blog too. :)

Sometimes I wish I could curl up in a cocoon too just to get away for awhile and be at peace with myself.

Take care!

LOREN said...

Hi! Yes, I guess I've been moving in and out lately. I don't know. Baka mid-life crisis hahah! I guess finally this blog is for keeps (and my other blog in multiply where the rest of my barkadas are). Thanks for dropping by, Jayme!

sardonicnell said...

i do this from time to time. i would drive up to my mom's beach house, walk along the shore, listen to the waves, dig into cluttered mind, meditate and do some serious self reflection. and after, i'm refreshed and ready to face world. it's a matter of finding our own little piece of heaven to stay sane!

i'm hoping you find yourself again, and start getting out of your cocoon, spread your wings and then fly. God bless!

LOREN said...

Get the wings and fly again, that's the best part.But on the second thought, staying in the cocoon and getting the wings can perhaps be equally important.. I envy you having your mom's beach house!

Iskabitchy said...

Such a great post, thanks for sharing this Loren.

exskindiver said...

i totally identify with this.