Friday, August 22, 2008

Let's sit and and talk awhile

This is my blog, my little coffee nook. Though it moves and revolves around my life story and does not talk actually about coffee all the time (from time to time, yes), but it will constantly have the feel, the look and the smell of a cozy coffee nook. Latte, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato.. name it. They burst their lingering aroma here, and just so heavenly!

Sipping coffee with friends can be the best way to make conversations. Even gloomy stories turn out to be a little less so... But for the meantime, friends don't know anything about my little coffee nook. One day they will. But for now , I choose to have my alone time here.. with a cup of coffee in hand. I am savoring the moment. Building a better relationship with myself. And maybe find a better version of me.. Eventually, and maybe soon enough, I will try to find new friends along the way. I don't hesitate to have some. After all, people gather around where coffee is. "Let's have coffee", we say... when we mean, "let's talk and catch up on each other's lives".


sardonicnell said...

"tara na, let's have coffee!"

it is indeed a wonderful way to catch up on chikas with friends. i use to have this with my 'soul sisters' twice or more a year. these days, now they're married and have families; eh we're lucky if we get to do it once sa isang taon. but then each time we gather around, the whole week ends not enough. now, you made me miss my friends, hehehe!

love the idea behind your blog, wish you all the luck.

Delighted Scribbler said...

I love the way the smell of coffee awakens memories. Because you're absolutely right, going for coffee is code for connecting and bonding with one another.

LOREN said...

My friends are planning to have our "coffee time" when I visit home (Naga City) this November.. Yeah, I do miss my friends too

LOREN said...

delighted scribbler---
we always associate coffee with relationships, right?.. Thanks for visiting my site.

Iskabitchy said...

Madya, kape kita!

exskindiver said...

let's have coffee indeed.
i enjoyed my visit here.

LOREN said...

And you are always welcome for another visit and share a cup of coffee with me!