Wednesday, September 24, 2008


She stays out after dusk and goes home before dawn. Sunshine might be an unfamiliar glare for her. For the only shine that constantly gleams her sight are those from the street glows or the array of neon colors from bar lights. She goes partying every night with her friends. A flock with the same feathers like hers.

Energy gushes in and out of her soul. A fun-lover! A carefree spirit!.. Stifle her, or she'll wither.

She comes from a family which could have believed that they are dynasty of "Abogado de Campanillas". So her parents thought that she must be raised to be one. Going to Law school was imposed on her.

Being a lawyer may be in her blood, yet it was not implanted in her heart. She scorns the very thought of it. But wanting to please her parents, she went to Law School .. not knowing that it will start to gnaw her life.

She studied in the top Law School of the land. These four years in law school devastated her. She was compelled to do something she hates. No more partying. No more fun. "I don't belong in this place", she thought. Like a tropical species uprooted and forced to survive in North Pole.

Wanting to please her parents, she went on and finished Law. At last, all her agony is paying off... But then, she failed the Bar exam.

She fell into deep depression. She cannot disappoint her parents this way. So, all her remaining ardor, she tried the bar exam the second time.This time she passed. But just to realize that her real agony is just starting.

How can she handle her first case? What if she loses? She cannot displease her mom and dad that way! She realized, from that day onward, her life should be spent in winning cases. And she realized, from that day onward, she will be leading a life she detests. A life to please. A life in possession by other people..Then she decided to just end it all and took her own life. A life that is not already hers, anyway.

She was stifled. And she withered.


Tani said...

We may be forever pleasing our parents, but in the end, it's the happiness of their offspring that matters to them. It's never too late finding our bliss. Case to point: I went to med school because I thought it's what I wanted.. then I went back to nursing... after I'm done with my nursing career, I'll be a barista or a librarian. povided my hubby earns big bucks. :)

LOREN said...

Exactly! Our parents only mean well. But in the end, finding our real happiness is in our hands. Limitless!

cathy_bythesea said...

What an insightful post. Loren, I'm doing a story on suicide in young adults. Can you email me your email addy? Mine is Thanks!

LOREN said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my coffee nook.

lovely said...

hi loren--still want to exlinks? just drop me a message when you've done that so i an add you too. by the way, is this story for real? was in law school and i can assure you it can kill you if your heart's not in it. the pressure is one but another thing that can break anyone not really bent to becoming a lawyer is losing one's life during that four or more years! her story is so sad. she should have had the courage to say NO when they were stifling her.

LOREN said...

Hi Lovely! I am so willing to ex-link but I can't seem to open your profile. ( "The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed", as what the Blogspot says). I'm gonna do that as soon as your profile is available already.. Yes, this story is real. She could have said no to her parents but she didn't.