Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Tree of Life

While I'm brooding in my own corner, things about LIFE is stirring up my mind..

I've reached this age when I must think I have seen enough. Won some. Lost some. Done this. Done that. Befriended life and many times messed up with it. I've seen enough and there must be no way that life can knock me off my feet just as it did with me when I haven't known enough. I must have mastered my own life now even with my eyes closed.

But one cannot master life in a lifetime. Just when we start to believe that we are now in control, life would throw something on our lap that would scare us and make us lose our balance. And just how it used to be, we are caught by surprise. Clueless of what life has to bring.

One cannot fully master life for life won't run out of things to teach us. Our age may be adding up but life will always treat us like a child who needs to learn, relearn and unlearn.. Trust Life. That no matter how many times it knocks us off our feet, it has ALWAYS (and always) its way of taking care of itself. Trust Life that no matter how it gets messed up, it has its way of putting things into place. And as long as we won't forget that God is in the details, we'll be fine.


Lady Prism said...

pssst.....I just saw your comment in my bloggy'. You caught me blogging he!he! Wonder where you are..work or home?

You're welcome with the "Om" thing. The write-ups there are simply down to earth thoughts that can be matter of fact practiced. No "woo woo" stuff that complicates and boggles the mind.

As to what you wrote, you are so true. Once you think you have finally mastered the "it" of life, that same "it" comes back with a new twist completely turning around all the learnings you've had. This is what makes life interesting and worth the living.

Nice thoughtful post!

LOREN said...


Yeah, I noticed Daily Om the last time I visited ur blog (at the left column, di pala right) and added it to my Favorites. But it's only this lunch break (yes, I'm at work hehe!) that I really had the chance to open and read the site, and I couldn't stop reading! So I thought I have to thank you for sharing it.

Life surprises, startles and scares us. But then you're right. That's what makes life interesting and oh-so lovely!

Ron Davison said...

"But one cannot master life in a lifetime."
I quite like this - well said. Thanks.

LOREN said...


Thanks Ron! And thanks for dropping by!

sheng said...

Thanks for returning to my blog, surely one cannot master life in a lifetime, nobody did, I guess.

LOREN said...


I kinda lost your site. Good thing I found my way back to you, heheh... Thanks for dropping by.

Heart of Rachel said...

Life is a journey of discovery. There are so many things that we can always look forward to.

tanivillamora said...

Parang I heard something like this from the movie Titanic. It was uttered by Rose. Something like having to live your life as if you've lived it before. :) Then something happens that catches you off-balance.

Blue Rose said...

thank you for dropping by at my blog.

i like your blog. very well said, one cannot master life in a lifetime.

LOREN said...

Titanic. That was in 1998 I guess. Wow, you have a sharp memory! But then, no one can ever forget that movie.

No matter how scary life can get sometimes, it's still a sweet journey.

Blue Rose---
Hi Rose! Thanks for dropping by too. Welcome to my blog!

Iskabitchy said...

Wise words from the Goddess herself. Thanks!