Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When UNDAS meant a different thing

All Souls day is my favorite time of the year ( next to christmas and new year), and it's a shame that I let it passed without writing anything about it.

When did I start loving it? Well, since my parents would prepare a banquet for our dearly departed while saying a prayer for their good souls. While we (siblings) would try to peek at the dining table and try to convince ourselves that somebody's eating the foods (!!!). Souls must not be eating too much. They hardly touch the foods. But take a closer look. There's a little bite over there. See it?? With our eyes so wide open!.. But of course our eyes knew otherwise. We're just trying to scare ourselves.

But I began to love All Souls day in a different kind of way during my teen age years. It became more than just a day for the souls, but also a "reunion" for our barkada.

Our friends studying in Manila goes home for the sem break and that makes us almost complete before Nov 1 comes. Well, we're a big group, we barely get completed (we're more than 20 in our group).. Sa sementeryo ang aming tipanan! Before bar hopping became an IN thing, sementeryo hopping was already a "fashion" that we do every undas. It's a festive ambiance in cemeteries. Ideal to loiter around searching for some NPA (Nice People Around)! -- mga crush ng bayan and campus heart throbs, the ex-bfs and ex-flings, and some good old friends (from highschool) that we kinda lost along the way. It's an all-night party! Everybody is invited, dead or alive! To top it all, I have my friends with me, and that's what makes undas oh so special !

Before the night ends, real bonding time is just beginning especially for the girls. We go to a friend's house, and there we sleepover. Share stories and strengthen our friendship a little bit more. We talk and REALLY talk until the wee hours, and up to the last drop of our energy! Nocturnal that we were!

Our friends are scattered all over now. In the US, in Naga, and I'm the only one that stays in Manila. There are some attempts that we go home one All Souls Day for another grand "reunion". But with our respective priorities in life now, I don't know if it's still possible for us to be all together again. I miss them, really. Although we'd always be with each other in spirit through our (yahoo) egroup, I still wish to reunite with them in flesh as well.

Those were the days, and maybe "reunion" in undas would not happen again. For now, it is but a wishful thinking... 'til next undas.


Heart of Rachel said...

That's a wonderful photo. That's a nice tradition that you have in the family. I realized that All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day have become a time for families and friends to get together.

Hope you can have another reunion with your friends soon.

BTW, Thank you for your birthday greetings for my hubby.

Iskabitchy said...

Aaaaw, Bes! Same sentiments. And your post made me post last year's letter to the egroup.
Ayan, feeling senti na ulit ako! U kasi! :)

LOREN said...

It's a wonderful foto, I agree. I forgot to give credit to the fotographer/site (sorry..guilty!). Indeed it's time for our loved ones dead or alive. That's why I love this time of the year!

All Souls Day will always make us feel senti, bes!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm back to let you know I appreciate your comment on my blog regarding the teacher incident in school. I appreciate your insights. My son is doing well.

Lady Prism said...

oh! fuuuuun! I know what you mean about "sementeryo hopping" ha! ha!

LOREN said...

you're a sweet girl, rach. Give my reagrds to Yohan!

Indeed, it's fun di ba? :)

tanivillamora said...

My father's family would also cook and serve food for the dead. They'd place the food in the Sto Nino's altar. It stays there for a long time and nobody really eats it but the flies... :) I find this practice really weird. Prayers are the best way to remember our dead loved ones by.