Monday, November 24, 2008

Carla and her red-eared turtle!

This is "Darling", the fascinating, teeny weeny turtle. We met this turtle with its equally fascinating owner, Carla, while we were strolling around Greenbelt Chapel. Denise (my daughter) and Gemma (our kasambahay) was so thrilled to see "Darling". We all were!..

I forgot to ask Carla whether this cutie-pie was a he or a she. "Darling" was not even a name but an endearment. Well, that's how it was explained to me by Carla. So, Darling was a red-eared slider turtle with no name and gender!

In this photo, I was prodding Darling to walk towards Gemma's hand. "Tingnan mo, kinakausap ka nya!", Carla said. It was staring back at me and blinked its eyes. It communicates through its eyes. Blinking it once means YES, and twice means NO (or vice versa, I think). Carla was one proud owner of Darling. "Intelligent siya at napakabait". Of course it's mabait! What could a tiny turtle do to harm us? hehe.. I may sound sarcastic, yeah, but it's more of a joke. I actually loved them both. Together, they emanate good feelings!

"DARLING" on the safe hands of Carla


Carla was such a sweet, cute and all-smile lady. I guess, like Darling, she fascinated me too in a different, happy kind of way. Her being a turtle lover (she has 2 turtles and let them sleep on her bed at night) and her being such a regular church-goer fascinated me. She goes to Greenbelt Chapel almost everyday (and of course to stroll Darling around).

Then, she offered to give me The Face but unfortunately she didn't have one that time. It's the bleeding face of Christ, she explained. "Marami na akong nabigyan nyan". And most of them went back to her and claim some miracles happened in their lives after receiving The Face .. I was skeptical.

But you know what the miracle is? It's meeting her (and Darling) that day and making us play with her pet and making me feel like a giddy child once again. And it's her genuine, sweet smile plastered on her face all of the time that stirred me to smile back at a stranger like her. Those were simple miracles. I don't know, Carla must have sprayed some happy potion in the air. I was happy for some reason. Maybe she was contagious...

Then I went inside the chapel and said a little prayer for sweet Carla and her teeny-weeny turtle.


Iskabitchy said...

Such a heartwarming story.
Thanks for sharing!

tanivillamora said...

my daughter would call a turtle like that, Tuck (from the Wonder Pets) :) cute naman.

sheng said...

aY, very cute, my kids would love one like that...

Jenny said...

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LOREN said...

Stories like this ought to be shared. Thanks for visiting!

Tani and Sheng--
Darling is indeed very cute!

Hi! Thanks for sharing the site Jenny!

Lady Prism said...

Oh.. that is soooo..cute...which reminds me that one time the ducks in Greenbelt ran after me...katakot and embarrassing!

I dunno' what went into their minds but it so happened while I was crossing the bridge they were all loitering in the middle.

As I passed through they started following I walked faster. They twaddled faster as well so I kinda'..well..ran a bit ( he!he!)..,which got them frenzied quacking after me...The guard intervened!

I think turtles are safer :)

LOREN said...

Prism ---
Hahaha! Oh well, so I have to agree that turtles are safer indeed. I actually took photos of those naughty ducks. Good thing they didn't misbehave pala while they're having some foto opts with me. I wonder why I didn't bother to blog about them. I was planning to. But now I think I really have to. Pero next year na, heheh.

Intel Processor said...

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LOREN said...

Intel Processor ---
Thanks. And thanks for the visit!