Monday, January 10, 2011


The thought of traveling as far as Bicol is dreadful. Well, for me who's been dealing with a post-traumatic stress everyday of my life. Maybe going back to the home I know is a natural longing, and I'd do it in whatever way. So I was home! Traveling that far was something quite unthinkable. That's the farthest I've gone since my accident. I guess I was generally okay during the trip. My daughter's presence somehow   was a comfort. But when we reached the long stretch of Quirino Hi-Way, traces of vehicular accidents appeared from left and right. I was weak on my knees looking at them. I wanted to look away but I did not. Hoping that if I stare back at an enemy it would go. It was like a trip to hell for me. My sole weapon was prayer and always is everyday I travel from house to work. And it never fails. I arrived Naga and traveled back to Manila in one piece! Weee!!

I think it's all about coming home for me now.  I'm back blogging in the coffee-nook  I always call my sanctuary. Yes, I decided to stay and keep it. It will need some renovations, I know. But why would I give up that easy when I know I haven't  gotten the better that it can still give out? And oh, my writing has gone rusty . I'll have to work on it.

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