Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am currently reading the book "The Alchemist" authored by Paulo Coelho. One of the sublime books ever written. It captures the whole of me when I'm reading it, I can finish it in one sitting. But something hits me everytime I leaf a page, so I pause everytime. I pause and ponder for another realization. Or pause and say "true true" everytime a line or a phrase echoes my own conviction of truth. Or pause to reminisce when the boy in the  book is going through similar situations I have gone through. So maybe it will take me awhile before I can finish it! 

The book makes me think  a lot of my own personal legend.

What is my personal legend?

I'm not so much of a big dreamer. But when I'm into something, I put my heart and soul into it until it rends me into pieces. Most of the pains that left me with permanent scars came from following my dreams.  But at times  I believe there's something greater than me out there that dreams for me. It dictates the path I have to tread . It conceptualizes the person I have to be. So I need not dream anymore. All I need is just   follow... or  wait. Somehow, somewhere along the line it rings true. Or maybe I'm just talking about fate.  Anyway, I decided not to stop dreaming. But there must be signs along the road to lead me, because not all dreams are my personal legend. And I have to know which one is mine.

The book (The Alchemist) mentions about OMENS..  "Because we have to respond to omens", said the boy to the crystal merchant... I believe that something greater than me out there gives signs. And the universe will conspire to show me my personal legend. But first I have to follow and respond to omens. And I will know which one is mine.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I just finished listening to this. And yes, listened, because I do not have the luxury sometimes to sit down and read, which I love. But I found time and listened to this while driving to work.
And like you, I had to pause and contemplate. In fact, at one point I had to stop, grab a pen and paper and wrote whatever phrase, sentence speaks to me. One of which was "we are all in search of our own personal legends".

LOREN said...

it's sooo wonderfully written,right? I'm about to start reading The Pilgrimage. The first that Paulo Coelho wrote. He never stop to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loren. The Alchemist is one of my favorite books. :) It's a book I will encourage my children to read.

LOREN said...

I actually impose it to my daughter. Good thing she's liking it.