Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is Andoy..
Few weeks back, he was featured in Rated K, Channel 2 hosted by Korina Sanchez. This is the same Andoy that we met when we visited Callao Cave (PeƱablanca, Cagayan) during our road trip to Northern Luzon. He was our "spokening dollar" tour guide, and he really speaks well in english! Okay then, maybe those are just memorized lines taught to him by the Department of Tourism (wherein he got trained to be a tour guide). So we pushed him more to speak english by asking him questions outside the context of his "comfort zone" (the Callao cave). And he successfully answered our queries, and in straight english! We learned some details about his life during our question and answer portion... He stays with his lolo ( I forgot whether he mentioned about his father living with them). He has foster parents from Hawaii who helps out with his studies. They plan to bring him to Hawaii someday. He wants to be a lawyer. And when asked why, "Because I want to prove that not all lawyers are liars!", goes his famous line. "How much have you earned today from your tour guiding?", we went on prying. He earned more than 1000Php for that day. Not bad eh (summer is peak season). And he's going to use that money to buy materials for the upcoming school year... Andoy is driven by his dreams. Such an intelligent boy. I pray that he stays that way.

The thing is, Andoy was more amusing and unforgettable than the Callao Cave.

And here's a glimpse of our road trip to Northern Luzon:


tanivillamora said...

Hi Loren. i saw this segment too in Korina. Grabe ang galing pala talaga ni Andoy! Kayo ha. Tnest nyo pa. :) He actually earns more than what i earn in a day.

LOREN said...

Hi Tani---
Come to think of it, he actually earns more than we earn. heheh.. Sinwerte lang siguro siya that day sa dami ba naman namin.

Iskabitchy said...

Wow! Such a great story. Kakabilib naman si Andoy!

K-Kix said...

Hi Loren!
We need more people with Andoy's 'drive' and zest for life.

Very nice pictures on your slide show.

lechonhalohalo said...

welcome to the blogging world Loren, tukayo na kita, ka birthday month pa kaya lang its either im a Leo or Virgo. I often visit Ca T, Connie v or Nick David's. These blogs have helped me cope with home sickness year 2004 but only last year i started to post my comments to their most current entries. /good luck and God Bless you. I'm sure you will be posting a lot of entries which are both informative, entertaining and educational

exskindiver said...

i love it when i hear of stories like this.

LOREN said...

Talagang nakakabilib siya!.. Hope to read from your blog soon, mare!

Hi Karen! Andoy can be an inspiration especially to other filipono kids like him!

Loren (Lechonhalohalo)---
Hi! Thanks for welcoming me. I have actually started blogging since 2005 but I kind of "abandoned" my LJ blog already (I also maintain another blog in multiply for my friends though), so I consider this new site my real blog now.. I can't seem to open your site. Sayang. Gusto ko pa namang magbasa ng blog ng kapangalan ko! hehe. Visit me anytime. I'd pay you a visit if one day I would have an access to your site already.

Hi Ches! Andoy's hopes and dreams are not tarnished by struggles in poverty. He is admirable.

piebuko said...

P1,000 a day, Loren? Well, I sure would like to exchange places with Andoy. :)

lechonhalohalo said...

wala akong blog,nag blablog hopping lang ako kasi medyo busy ako dito sa SF. trabajo, family at lakwatsa, madalas wala ako sa bahay. madami akong postings doon sa What now Cat ni Ca T. last Saturday, nasumpungan ko naman magcomment sa Filipino voices, so it depends on my mood kung either ako ay online or on the road again. Happy Tuesday, Monday pa lang kami.

LOREN said...

Tere (Piebuko)---
Swerte siya that day, we were a big group. And his being nakakaaliw makes people generous with him.

Loren (Lechonhalohalo)---
Feel free to visit my blog every now and then. Good day!