Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was alone in the room while the rest of my officemates were upstairs for a program. A retired BIG BOSS came to pick up his monthly pension. I was taken aback. Trying to figure out what seemed to be wrong with the picture before me. I looked intently at his now very old, worn out face and his unproperly buttoned suit. Oh, he was a heart-rending sight! I can hardly grasp any of his words but I understood that he had a stroke few months ago.... "But sir, the vouchers are not yet processed. But it will surely be done this week." I saw the frustration written all over his face. "But, it is usually out this time of the month", he insisted. "Sir" I tried to explain "there was a little delay in the release of funds. But I assure you it will be released not later than friday". He looked at me, as if waiting for me to announce that everything was a joke. I was trying to find words to suffice his confusion. Words to ease his desperation. But he just stood there as if waiting for my punchline. Hay..If it was a joke, it surely wasn't funny. He was staring at me straight with his tired and weary eyes. And he turned his back. Walked slowly and sadly away from me. Oh my..I guess the old man badly needed his money. For his medication. Therapy, maybe. I don't know..He was tearing me apart.

Life, it is ...

He used to have a bubbly spirit. Such a brilliant mind. A big boss in control of the world. But look at him now, almost losing everything. His youth, health, wealth. His power. And soon, maybe even his brilliant mind. He had everything that the world can offer. And looking at him, he manifests the truth that everything in life indeed is fleeting. And though these lines are commonplace, everything in this world boils down to this reailty. I feel sorry for the old man, but I surely thank him for reminding me how I should live my own life. That I shouldn't be so attached with the world. That at the end of it all, I will be losing everything. And what will be left of me is my soul and how well I was able to nourish it. And at the dusk of my life, I will have nothing but my soul faced before my God.

photo credit: lefion


sheng said...

I was teary eyed reading this, very true, life indeed is fleeting, we must all be aware that: In life, we must always make a day a triumphant day, or you will soon regret.

LOREN said...

most of the time our sight is clouded with everything about the world. We easily forget the real purpose of life... Happy journeying, Sheng!

piebuko said...

That was a bit heart wrenching. Thanks for the reminder. I'll sure stop to kiss the roses more and step on the grass barefoot.

exskindiver said...

Hi Loren,
This was a very thoughtful post.
Well written--that it made me feel as if I had experienced it myself.
Thanks for the reminder.

p.s. Thank you for stumbling in.
I enjoy it much more when someone (other than me) reads what I write.
It makes me feel less like I am talking to myself.
And that you left a comment makes it even better.

LOREN said...

Hi Cheska!--
We always have this willingness to share what we write. Writers seek for readers! Thanks for visiting my site as well. God bless!

K-Kix said...

Hi Loren,
I hopped over from Chesca's blog.
Nice site...
A very good reminder about what is truly important in life.

Lady Prism said...

This is quite sad. I hope he feels better when he finally gets hold of his money. I hope he gets to smile. A smile does so much for th soul.

Then again, life does send us breathing life lessons and twilight peeks into what may seem like a far off tomorrow, which in reality, is merely 'round the corner and a block away.

LOREN said...

Hi K-kix!---
Indeed, a lot of important lessons in life, we get from other people.. Thanks for dropping by. I'll visit ur blog as well.

Hi Lady Prism!--
But how we always forget about our own twilight while we get hooked up with the things of the world.. Thanks for the visit!

tanivillamora said...

Basta age with grace. I look forward to my twilight years. It shouldn't have to be so sad. I live for now so that when those years arrive, no regrets. No defeatist' attitude.