Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

My kids helped me out in decorating this tree. They were having such a great time especially my five-year old boy (Nick). Hubby was a mere spectator. He may be as excited but it didn't show. Well, hubby knew from the start how I'm crazy about christmas. Though he may not understand why my passion about this season can sometimes be a little overstated (listening to christmas songs almost all year round), but he tolerates me and kinda love me that way. When I'm gone (for whatever reason), he'll gonna miss me in christmas. And he agrees.

Here's my niece appreciating my christmas tree. Oh, it isn't as perfect as my dream christmas tree, but I'll gonna start to change things up a bit from year to year. I usually just pile on all the ornaments. Maybe next christmas, I'll start to choose a color palette. Or maybe I'll start this year.


tanivillamora said...

yup, christmas is almost here. I love Christmas! i even love the anticipation of Christmas season. Halloween is also my favorite season because of the parties for kids and because it means Christmas is just around the corner. My dream xmas tree will be a real tree with heirloom ornaments and lots of gifts for my loved ones from me. Gifts for me are of course also included. hehe... :)

Iskabitchy said...

You've always liked Christmas so much! I can just imagine you singing/humming Christmas songs.

sardonicnell said...

lovely christmas tree, loren. unfortunately, eh i wont be able to decorate our tree this year cause we're flying to manila. baka doon nalang ako makiki-decorate. hahaha!

LOREN said...

I love halloween too!

Oh, you can attest to that bes!

Wow, so you're coming home for christmas! There's nothing as festive as how filipinos celebrate the season.

Heart of Rachel said...

How nice that your tree is already up. Christmas is a highlight of our year too. We usually put up our tree after Halloween.

LOREN said...

Hope you can share a pic your christmas tree too!