Friday, October 3, 2008

YOU OUGHT TO KNOW..(coffee matters) -1

Too much coffee can trigger headache. However, coffee can help relieve the symptoms if you drink it in the very early stage of headache. Caffeine constrict blood vessels. It helps counter the painful effect when blood vessels dilate in the head.
When added to pain medication (ibuprofen), it can help improve their absorption and increases their pain killing effect..I suffer from migraine quite often especially during my monthly period (menstrual migraine) and I have tried it several times already. Oftentimes, it has saved my day from my excruciating, agonizing headache! Try it yourself.


sheng said...

This I will try, I am often attacked by migraines too, so I will soooo try this...I need to avoid migraine attacks. You take ibuprofen? I am into Mefenamic Acid, i dunno if they're the same, i always forget to check, I doubt though.

Iskabitchy said...

Hi Loren,
Same here. I suffer from menstrual migraine as well. I take Exedrin migraine pills and coffee. They're my old stand-by whenever that time of the month comes. Like right now. :(

piebuko said...

really??? i didn't know this. i suffer from menstrual migraine as well. Well, what do you know? You learn new things everyday!
thanks loren!

LOREN said...

I think ibuprofen is for mild to moderate pain only. But for BIG and REAL headache, I take mefenamic too.

I used to take Avimagran. Is it still available in the market? parang wala na.

Yes. As long as you do it in the very early stage of headache. But when it's in its full bloom already, the coffee loses the "healing effect".

sardonicnell said...

i can attest to this, coffee has saved me a couple times from this pesky headaches!

LOREN said...

Trulily, Nell!